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What size tent do I need?

What is the difference between a Pole Tent, Frame Tent, or Structure Tent, and which do I need?

How much space do I need for each type of tent?

Does the price of the tent include set up and tear down?

Are sides included in the price of the tent?

Can the tent be set up on concrete?

What do I need to do before you set the tent up?

How far out should I reserve my tent?

Can we decorate the tent?

Can someone come and look at our area and help us determine what size and type of tent is best for our event?

What if I only need the tent for 1 day? Can I get the tent cheaper than the 1-week rate?


You still didn’t answer all of my questions!

Please call our office and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced tent professionals who will satisfactorily answer all of your questions.

Emergency evacuation procedures

tent_washerREVWhy Are Our Tents Always So Clean?

One of the most frequent compliments that we receive relates to how impressed our customers are with the cleanliness and serviceability of our tents. Many have used other tent companies for years before attending an event where they saw our sparkling white tents and now are “life-long” customers.

We are the ONLY tent company in North Texas that uses a $150,000 hot water tent washer where we wash EVERY tent EVERY time it is used. Our competitors wash their tents “as needed” by placing them on the ground and scrubbing them with a broom. NO ONE matches our tent cleanliness. If cleanliness of your rental equipment is important – then your only choice is Houston Party Tents and Events!